Monday, September 28, 2009

Knowing MR..M.R.

I seem to gravitate towards the people with needs. Needs of all kinds seem to interest me. I love finding those sad stories that end up become inspirational.

I've been placed in a world, it seems like, of people with special needs. When I try to escape it, I keep being placed right into it. It's prolly the field I will pursue and hopefully I find a career I LOVE!

The people I've met have made me smile, cry, wanna throw 'em out the window (of course I never have), made me realize how beautiful life is and in many times surprised me.

Their lives are so humble, so pure, so honest and different than "normal" people and in no way does perversion or malice taint their thoughts.

They are pitied by most, but most don't know how precious a person with needs really is.

I wonder if God expects them to commit themselves to Christ? In their childlike ways, they are pure and precious. In our human eyes, they are mongoloids with deprived lives.

I remember a MR. Leo. In his old age, he had been diagnosed with more illnesses than I can count and his most evident diagnosis was being mentally retarded. As we saw the special olympics, and a thirty year old paraplegic sped on his wheelchair towards the finish line, he stated, " Oh, poor man.... look at him, his legs are no good."
My heart smiled.

Mr. Leo, was not aware of his own disability. The fact, that he himself was able to point out another man's disability and was ignorant to his had never crossed my mind. I hugged Leo that day. Leo, not Mr. M.R. , but lonely Leo in need of a hug seemed to not understand his own situation but wanted to live life as joyfully as he could.

I realized then, how their innocence penetrates their every thought. Being part of the "normal"
crowd, I am aware of the comments, the thoughts, and criticism they undergo for being special.

They, on the other hand, have no idea on how SPECIAL they really are.

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