Saturday, September 19, 2009


Norma (the oldest)
The family's hero always kept it together in times of hardship. Her strong, courageous and ,at times, tough facade are the characteristic that defines her clearly. Norma is the family's older sister and well known for her tough and strict demands.
Sandra( second oldest)
Sandra, always, seeking to get away from it all. Her humorous attitude and her goal oriented ways kept her distant from the quarrelsome place we all knew as home. Always had a great relationship with Norma. Of course, they shared not just the same parents and went through the same heart aches. They shared a bedroom where secrets were shared,emotions were understood, and feelings were addressed and all behind closed doors .
Alex(third child)
The angry one of the bunch. Like most boys that grow up without a father, he showed much rebellion and resentment towards most his life. Issues arose early in his teenage years and those same issues darken his spirit today.

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