Friday, September 18, 2009

Car crash...

Oh goodness just my luck....

Thursday 9/17/09 around 7:45ish.....

As I engaged in a morning conversation with my Saviour, the pretty red truck in front slammed on his breaks. I ,with my extra awesome quick reflexes, slammed on them too and manage to come to a complete halt without rear ending her. I was looking at the brown furry mutt run across the street when I looked up making sure I was out of harms way. Unfortunately, I was not and the white ugly looking suburban rammed into my jeep from behind!

Praise the Lord, I am fine and so is he.

I'm baffled at how in the 3 years of paying my insurance on a monthly and timely manner all is well and the one month when things seem to be financially overwhelming and I am unable to pay my insurance in time, YUCKNESS happens. My jeep looks awful, driveable but awful. I feel terrible, look beautiful, but my neck has malfunctioned. The one responsible is broker than I am and I need a CAAAR!

Life is odd, the devil is sneaky, but God rules all!

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