Friday, September 18, 2009

Nosy Ms. Ugly Face


I dislike confrontation ,but not because I can't win an argument. I hate reaching the point of, " OH NO YOU DIDN'T!"

I started working two weeks ago. (Praise the Lord!) i needed a job. I seemed to get pushed right back to the area I try leaving. I work in a self contained mental retardation unit as a teacher assistant. My degree is in Rehab. Services and my work experience involves working with people with special needs. (Yeah, yeah , I know.... why am I an assistant when I have the degree? whatever not the point!)

Today, I got reprimanded because of a certain rumor flying around.------ I sit around doing nothing------.. (OH NO THEY DIDNT!)

All day long, I am up and down helping the kids with their toileting needs, brushing their teeth, helping them with their work and this one stupid day when I wear heels to school(stupidly, i misplaced my flats) nosy Ms. Ugly Face is spying around and sees me taking a break in P.E. class. She, instantly, decides to label me the impotent T.A and blabs it to the others. As the week progresses, indirect comments are made by my other co-workers about my work. I am not stupid! I know not to use the phone during working hours or leave the the children unattended.

Anyways, I've been told working in a school environment and its drama is no better than High School and all its drama... I AGREE!

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