Friday, September 18, 2009

Evil penises of death


I can't say my marriage is perfect...Ok, let me say...MY MARRIAGE IS NOT PERFECT! We learn as we go. Some days are great ,others good, others bad and yet others terrible.

Today I had one of those ugly arguments with my husband. Its the type of arguments that slice your heart in two with every word said. You know the argument will be over within a day or two, but as you listen to the spiteful words coming out of your spouse's mouth, you can't help but to break a little more inside.

That was my experience. I yelled, I cried, I tried forgetting, but its too fresh in mind to forget those words said.

Why are men such morons when arguing? Do you really have to talk out of your ass to try to win an argument?

I end this blog by stating .... the male species and their evil penises of death should move far away from this beautiful planet called Earth...,

Planet of apes....thats where they belong!

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