Monday, October 5, 2009

My irregular beat....

I can't say I'm just like the person. Thank Goodness I'm NOT!

I am my own with distinguish characteristics, peculiar flaws, and interesting skills.

I don't march to the same beat most girls do, I refuse to!

My thinking is a little off at times, my worries are not yours...

My sense of humor is way off though, what wanders in my head I simply cannot control.

My beat is very irregular...pum.pum.pum.....pupupupum..pumpum.pum.pum.
I'm on Metropolol for that that, 25 mg daily.

It defines the rest of my life ,too. My life is more than ordinary. My love life is different, my story is unique, my experiences are unexpected, my thoughts many, but my words are not.

I've encountered many obstacles, challenges and heartaches. Along the way, I've come across beautiful caring people. God has his hand over me and keeps my irregular beat beating.

There must be a reason.

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