Friday, September 18, 2009

over the hill?


O goodness.... tomorrow is the 13 and I have 13 days to go before turning ONE YEAR OLDER..
the scary 28

I have a sense of gladness. This year was so much better than the year before. I am alive well and kicking. At times, I punch too. I will be turning 28, oddly enough, I've never loved myself more. I know its close to thirty and all the excess poundage should start building up, and the wrinkles are soon to show up and blah blah blah blah blah....
But I could give a rat's tushy about all that.

I'm beautiful because I am a WOMAN, I am a MOTHER, I am a WIFE and I belong to GOD.

I've had horrible years, let me make it clear, dealt with postpartum, I thought I was a gonner for several reasons, and didn't see an end to our financial yuckness. Life was overwhelming, but I truly believe my 28th is a start of an amazing life that I will be starting, along with my family of course. Living life at 28 will certainly make my life great..(OK i had to include a dorky rhyme)

Also, the days of "IM FAT , UGLY, & STUPID" are OVA' sista!(Snap, snap)

So, I'm nowhere near over the hill, I'm still climbing up ,and I'm not even winded..

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