Saturday, September 12, 2009

I was born...

an eight pound ball of baby fat on 9/26 a long while back. Luckily, mother never had to waste too much energy carrying me around since I preferred my old ugly teddy and my comforting milk bottle. It was funny that even as a newborn I wanted my personal space. I believe, I was aware of my mother's state of mind and her inability to spend much time with me. My mother, Teresa, had plenty of things to deal with anyways, so lucky for her, I was not much of a burden.

A very petite girl, who at 14 years of age, had to forget her childhood. Instead of playing with pretty dolls in pink dresses she had to carry buckets of tomatoes and exchange them for a couple of pesos. The 90 pound teen who just happened to be the eldest female in her family started working in an attempt to help her mother provide food for her younger siblings. Early in her 20's, she married a man and had her first 3 kids which were a year apart. The oldest girls very different in character but similar in life's experiences, shared more than a mother. Their younger brother as the eldest girls did, became part of a broken home before they were able to understand the reason's behind their parents separation. The adulterous pig man would never again be able to call himself their father.

Moved on to start a life of financial troubles without the support of a husband. Having to deal with 3 children on her own now, life was more than overwhelming for this single mother. It wasn't long before the attractive 25 year old found a willing man to fall in love with and try to form a family with all over again. Desperate for love and affection she rushed into things. Teresa, having thought that this was the man that would change her life, became pregnant with her fourth child, Gladys. Her live in boyfriend became a controlling and intimidating man always needing to be in control of every action that came from her. Unwilling to live a life of abuse, she waited for the perfect moment to pick up her things and escape with her four children. Sadly, she had repeated the life she had dreaded. Her mother, Dona Reyna, had given her a poor example of a true family and now her kids were experiencing what she experienced as a child.

Mommy's Momma...
"You leave that last piece of bolillo for your sister. Her father bought it not yours", is statement too clear in my mother's head. Bitter old woman had raised seven children and ,sadly, never developed the nurturing and affectionate skills a loving mother shows her offspring.

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